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If it is your first visit to XC please go to our fill in a disclaimer page, to fill in a disclaimer online. You will be given a Boulder safety brief on your first visit to XC.Fill in a disclaimer

Bouldering started as an activity for climbers to warm up before they took on the big routes facing them on large rocky outcrops.

People soon realised that warming up on these boulders was just as much fun as the big routes themselves. Bouldering, which is low level climbing without the aid of ropes or protective equipment, has become one of the dominant types of climbing in recent years. It allows for novices to easily take up the sport and learn the control, technique and joy that comes with completing a route or problem without needing to learn all the rope work that comes with big wall climbing.

More advanced climbers can also test their grit against the more intense and physically demanding moves that bouldering provides. XC has 206 sq m area of bouldering complete with intricate challenging hooks and turns designed to be fun and enjoyable for all levels of experience. So, whatever your grade and no matter your experience, this type of climbing will have you engaged in mind, body and hopefully soul. All you need is some shoes and a bit of chalk and we will have you imitating a monkey in no time.

XC offers open climbing courses, parties, and private lessons.

You must be 18 years or older to use the Bouldering facilities at XC. You will be given a bouldering safety briefing upon arrival.

If you are new to Bouldering, you will have to book a Bouldering induction with us before using the Bouldering facilities at XC. Please click HERE for details of the induction.

XC is open 10am – 10pm, 7 days a week. Please call reception (01442 507100) for the specific opening times for each activity.

Why try bouldering?

      • No need to have knowledge of rope work.
      • Minimalist equipment.
      • Diverse and dynamic.
      • Bouldering is a good workout as there is no sitting down in between moves.
      • Full of puzzles and problems to solve.
      • Competitively priced.

What our customers say

My 5yr old son had an Easter holiday climbing lesson: awesome! Great facility, price and excellent instructor.
Stewart, XC customer
Great crowd great staff, good route setting.
XC staff they couldn’t be more helpful and today when the kids went for their climbing lesson I was very impressed, from the reception staff, cafe staff and the fabulous instructors.
Victoria, XC customer