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If it is your first visit to XC please go to our waivers page, to fill in a waiver online. You will be given a Bouldering safety brief during your session at XC.Fill in a waiver

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Because of the nature of our activities, everyone who uses XC facilities for the first time needs to complete a waiver, indicating that you are aware of the risks involved.

What is Bouldering?

Bouldering in its simplest form is climbing, without ropes. The walls are lower than our rope climbing walls but the Bouldering walls are over ‘crash mats’. The Bouldering walls are set with ‘holds’ (the resin protrusions that you hold or stand on) which are colour coordinated. Each colour maps out a varying difficulty level. These different routes up the wall are called ‘problems’.

The great thing about Bouldering is that it is very accessible if you are a beginner. You do not need lots of equipment or any previous experience. Just book a Bouldering Induction with us and then you will be up and running (or should we say climbing!). Please note each induction is charged at £15.90 per person.

What equipment do I need to Boulder?

Trainers are acceptable for bouldering, but we recommend that you use climbing shoes. If you do not own a pair of climbing shoes you can hire these for a small fee. Climbing shoes will allow you to get closer to the wall with more grip. Bouldering does not require the use of ropes, helmet or a harness. You can use chalk for extra grip which can again be hired or purchased.

Bouldering is a great physical and mental workout.  As you boulder more frequently, you will notice that your grip will improve and that your core strength and flexibility will increase. So, sign up today and start reaping the Bouldering benefits!

Bouldering inductions must be booked via telephone or via the form below. Inductions can only be undertaken by those 18+. Our Bouldering induction will give you the knowledge on the health and safety, Bouldering etiquette, and simple techniques to enable you to get started without the need of supervision. Please note Boulderers are not permitted to supervise novice climbers.