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XC has one of the largest indoor Caving systems in Europe!

Caving has been with us for centuries, but as a leisurely pastime we have a Mr Martel to thank. This pastime has been practiced for the better part of a century and whether you are negotiating squeezes, sumps, stalactites or stalagmites one thing is for sure – you will be enjoying one of the more mentally demanding hobbies out there.

XC indoor organic caving system is one of the largest in the world! It measures 160m stretching through intricate twists and turns. Caving requires skilful manoeuvring of your body and will strengthen your core and upper body, as well as mentally stimulate your brain cells. The realistic cave passage way includes three chambers, and a separate cavern runs through the cave leading to the sheer drop of the high ropes course.

Whether you are a spelunker, a potholer or a caver we have just the thing for you. So don your harness, your hard hat and torch and check out the artificial caverns and catacombs, tunnels and passages. Caving parties are available to book.



£13.10 per person


£11.60 per person


£12.50 per person

All Caving sessions start on the hour, and are subject to availability