Over the past few months at XC, route setters Tom and Louis have been working hard behind the scenes to help create a more creative, dynamic and stimulating environment at XC!

It’s been a challenging task that has provided them with a number of obstacles along the way, but after getting the go-ahead for the £15,000 investment to begin, work has now begun. £13,000 has been spent on climbing holds and £2000 on volumes and hardware.

So when do you get to see these changes? Well with Kingdom and Kilter holds somewhere between the USA and UK, along with the GAZ volumes making their way from Bulgaria, we are hoping that everything should have arrived in the next few weeks. We already have our new Axis holds waiting in the store room for their first set too!

We will be posting updates for you all as the project goes up a gear and seven new bouldering circuits will be set to go up very soon. For all the latest, make sure you are following us on Facebook and Instagram.

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