To purchase your XC Membership simply call our team on 01442 952333 or read on for more information!


Let's Get Climbing!

Sign up today for a monthly membership and start taking advantage of the benefits. An adult single climb membership is just £43 per month, and with faster and easier access to climbing, discounts at relevant retail stores and unlimited climbing, what’s not to love?! Juniors can benefit from our monthly memberships for just £35.*


We all want a bargain right?! By taking out a monthly membership for just £32 a month for adults or £25 for juniors you can enjoy unlimited skatepark sessions (subject to timetable). With a three hour session costing £9.50 for adults, you only have to come four times in a month to start saving.*

For more information or to purchase an XC membership please speak to reception. Want to have your membership ready for arrival? You can also call ahead on 01442 952333 or e-mail us at enquiries@thexc.co.uk

*A one off £20 joining fee is applicable on adult, joint and family memberships. Once that is paid and your monthly fee is set up, you are good to go!  Should you need to ‘freeze’ your membership at any point, you can do so at any point for just a £10.00 monthly fee.