Yoga With Liv and FREE Bouldering

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We have partnered up with Yoga With Liv to offer you a fun and engaging yoga class within our Climbing area at XC Hemel Hempstead.

The type of yoga that Liv teaches is called Vinyasa Yoga. This session is for 18 years+.

This is a dynamic class designed to help build flexibility and mobility, linking movements with the breath.

Yoga is a huge benefit to climbing and helps improve mindfulness, body awareness, core strength, flexibility, and injury prevention.

This class is 45 minutes long and will take place on the Bouldering matting withing the climbing area and includes use of our Bouldering* facilities after your session at no extra cost! If you have never Bouldered before, you will be given a full induction on your first session.

*Bouldering is climbing without harnesses, at a lower level over matting.

£10.00 for non-members

£5.00 for XC & Our Gym Monthly members